Story Time! A collection of funny stories

Although I’m really young I feel like my life so far could be turned into a comedy … Today I’m bringing you a sneak peak of that comedy .

This first story happened when I was about 6 or 7 years old , me and my family were on vacation in Namibia and we were  visiting the wonders of Etosha Park ,wich is a national park with loads of wild animals , and there were parts in wich you COULD NOT get out of the car because there was a really big chance of having a cheetah running after you , but as my father was such a rebel and wanted to film outside the car … guess what he did? Yeah exactly he got out of the blooming car , but as he wanted to be “safe” he asked us to scream if there was any cheetah coming after him … we were all scared to death that that was the last of our days … My mom decided to play a little prank on him since he decided to be a hero , so my mom screams “JORGE THERE’S A CHEETAH !” and oh my god I’ve never laughed so hard in my life , my dad comes running like no other to the car with the his face pale as hell . We all started laughing until our bellys hurted . Till this day we make fun of him .

This other story happened this year on Halloween .

Every year there are kids coming to our house trick or treating , this year I decided to take their experience to a whole new level .
As they usually take the stairs and go on every floor and ring everyone’s bells this year was no exception , as they were ringing my house I hid in the stairs and waited until they came out to go to another floor and as they were opening the door I screamed AGHHHHHH  the little guy who was in the front of the line screamed AGHHHH for about 10 full seconds , he was so scared ! Needless to say that I laughed for 20 minutes non stop and I think I’ll do the same next year… I hope no one gets hurt with this tho .

And these were a couple of the funniest stories of my life … I have many more to tell you and I’d be happy to do it .

What are your funniest stories so far ? Tell me in the comments !


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