Music recommendations

Everyone likes to discover new music, I’m here to help a buddy out , these are my currently favourite artists/songs!

  1. Made in the a.m. by One Direction
    This album and the songs are just amazing , even if you don’t like this style of music I think you should at least listen to a.m.
  2. Oh Wonder by Oh Wonder
    How original that album name huh? Although the album name is not that original the album itself is the most original and amazing thing ever! Their songs are so calm and upbeat at the same time it’s just amazing. You’ll get addicted to their style and you won’t let it go.
  3. Blue Neighbourhood by Troye Sivan
    You might recognize his name from youtube, he just launched his album and I’m kind of addicted to it , his type of music is pretty calming too wich is a great aspect , he kind of reminds me of Halsey in a way , wich I’m not complaining at all!
  4. Habits of my heart by Jaymes Young
    I found out about Jaymes Young early this year and I fell in love , his songs are so good the beat is the best you just gotta check it out because he is truly amazing ! JUST DO IT
  5. Badlands by Halsey
    I feel like everyone knows Halsey by now but for those of you who still don’t know she is an amazing american singer , her songs are great it will make you sing them out loud without ccaring what everyone else thinks wich is amazing.

I hope this artists keep you busy this winter , I hope you do check them ALL out because they’re just simply amazing.

What are your favourite artists/ songs at the moment? xx

Topic of the month |Holidays!

As a student I love the Holiday season the main reason for that is because it means Christmas break wich means more time to do nothing , second reason for that is because it’s freezing cold outside and I want to stay home just chillin’ I mean who doesn’t?

This Christmas break I intend on reading more , wich is really difficult for me since 90% of the time I’m in a reading slump /book hangover , wich I hate, for me these book hangovers aren’t the kind of hangovers that are good as in the book was so damn good you had to take a break from reading , these hangovers are the kind of hangovers that no matter what kind of book I read no matter if I liked it or not I will ALWAYS have to take a break from reading.

The other thing that I intend to do is catch up with tv shows, the same thing happens with tv shows as it happens with books , if I’m not 100% in the mood to watch a tv show I won’t be able to do it or at least enjoy it , wich I find really annoying because the only time that I have to watch a tv show ,aka the holidays, is when I will not be in the mood for it, it’s so annoying!

Last but not least I intend to not be bored , and this my friends, ¬†will be the hardest part , I get bored so easily it’s not even funny , if I’m not having fun then I’ll be in such a weird mood that mainly appears when on breaks , wich is a pain in the bum.

I love the word bum by the way , it feels like a cute word you know? whenever sad just say the word bum outloud and you’ll be happier , believe me it’s true. BUM!

And this is it from me , I’ll see you in an other blog post !