The Final Empire Spoilery Review

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And let the spoilers begin.

This book AHHH… When Kelsier died I was like “okay…if this is the plot twist then people need to figure out their lives ” but then when we discovered why he died I was indeed surprised because at first it looks like he was just being dumb , wich you know that Kelsier is the least dumb person there is .I was really happy that he didn’t die on a whim ,he died for a reason and that made me really happy .

I was so surprised that Marsh was dead but then not really  dead.My mind was blown by that .

For me I the real plot twist was when you discovered that the Lord Ruler wasn’t actually THE Lord Ruler, it never came to my mind although I did find pretty weird that the way the Lord Ruler acted in his diary was nothing like the way he acted in real life.

As in for the characters , I loved Sazed! He and Elend were hands down my favourite characters in this book . Sazed is such an amazing and loving character! Elend is such a cutie even though it took me quite sometime for me to get used to him and to trust him (even though I still don’t really trust him ) His relationship with Vin was so cute , I loved seeing their relationship become stronger and stronger !

I loved the crew , they were so supportive and I loved the warmness with which they treated each other and how they welcomed Vin to the crew with arms wide open .

I loved Kelsier , he was sucha badass character , I loved the fact that he overcame his fear of the Pits in order to destroy the Final Empire .

I want to read The Well of Ascenscion ASAP !

These were my thoughts on The Final Empire , I hope you enjoyed and tell me your thoughts bellow!